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Let’s cheer on CFISD and lend a helping hand! Whether you choose to be a volunteer, a mentor, or just want to support CFISD students and staff, there’s never a shortage of ways to get involved. Take a look at some of the options below and don’t forget to sign up for our Community Connect newsletter so that you never miss a beat.
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Looking for a great way to jump into CFISD? By becoming a Volunteer in Public Schools (VIPS), you get to make a significant contribution to the education of children. Along with thousands of other volunteers, you’ll contribute in areas such as library aide, workroom help, campus events, fundraisers, staff appreciation luncheons, mentoring, public relations, tutoring and assisting in instructional areas. So click below and learn how you can impact tomorrow’s leaders today!

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Super Seniors

Show your ongoing appreciation for CFISD with the Super Senior Card! Available to CFISD residents and former CFISD employees over 60 years old, this program is offered at no cost and comes with some incredible benefits. Cheer on the home team with an athletics pass, check out books at the library, or enjoy a fine arts performance. With all this and more, the Super Senior card is a great way to stay involved with CFISD.

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District Newsletter

Our district newsletter, Community Connect, lets you stay up to date with all the latest happenings in CFISD. Packed full of district news, info about academic events, employee profiles and more, Community Connect is the perfect way to be in the know about CFISD.

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Become part of an amazing effort to help and uplift CFISD students. Mentors meet with students one-on-one for approximately 30 minutes a week and encourage them to finish school and focus on the future. Begin your journey towards becoming a CFISD mentor today!

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